Monday, January 12, 2015


A new year is an opportunity for a fresh start, new hopes and new goals at least for most people and that definitely includes me. Now, I am not going to go all cliché and go on and on about setting goals but …. YOU JUST HAVE TO SET GOALS!

I was one of 3 invited guests at a radio station in Lagos, Nigeria last December and the topic of discussion was on Goal setting and making Resolutions. The discussion got really interesting and one thing that struck me during the conversation was that – Really, after determining your goals, how do you turn them into reality? Or how do you make your plan work? What specific steps do you take to make the plan work? What options are available to you and which is most resourceful for you to choose? WHAT IS YOUR STRATEGY? This struck me because a lot of us are good at fantasizing and even speaking about our beautiful goals and dreams but its either we fall short or nothing even comes out of it

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, it’s been quite the experience for me as an ODL student studying from far away Lagos, Nigeria. This is especially significant as I now have a basic idea of the studying terrain in the University and I can now adapt better to the work-study schedule in my first semester and modify to subsequent semesters.

As the first semester results were released, I had a few concerns about my results and I needed a few guidelines on how I can improve my studying and writing skills and generally grow as a student. Of course, I contacted my ever approachable course director who was indeed very helpful as she immediately set up an appointment for me to discuss on my concerns and improve my performance for subsequent semesters. If you feel this would also help your studies or grades, do not hesitate to contact your course supervisor(s) as I am sure they would really help in giving advice and constructive criticism where necessary.

I also engaged a few of my ODL colleagues in the second and third year, on the ODL Facebook group and it was enlightening to hear about their experiences on how they encountered similar adjustability issues (especially combining studies with work) upon inception of study, adjusted their academic goals and strategy and implemented lessons learned. I intend to do better, I intend to reach my academic goals and that is why I am taking one of many strategic steps towards reaching that goal and I enjoin everyone to take that step. Plan your year, plan your months and plan your day. The quote “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is very relevant in our everyday life.

Oh and lest I forget, a new goal for me this year is to post more often - at least 3 articles every 2 months. Yaay! So help me God.

Wish everyone a wonderful and successful academic year!