Saturday, August 1, 2015

Its a tropical cold and beautiful morning here in the ancient Nigerian city with brown roofs - Ibadan. Ibadan is popularly tagged as "the city with brown roofs" because looking down from a geographically elevated position or from one of the city's seven hills, you are almost always lucky to see an extensive display of reddish-brown roofs typical of a long-standing indigenous community that has remained for centuries. The city is where I have resided for the past 3 months or so, due to my work schedule and residing here has been somewhat of a major break from the mega-city hustle and bustle that Lagos city always has to offer.

So I'm happy (and relieved) that my first year is "done and dusted" ... Yaay! I completed and submitted my final assignment last month and the final grades were released earlier this week. Subsequently, I also received a confirmation of my progression to the second year. Though we have been sent a number of requests to fill various surveys relating to our postgraduate and tutor experience, in my own simple plain words, I would say that my experience so far has been "pleasant and intellectually stimulating". I appreciate the quality of learning, exposure, level of engagement of students, and interaction between classmates, tutors and supervisors. Though there are still rooms for improvement of course, I still believe that the level of interaction and engagement of students with UoE Online Distance Learning (ODL) is quite commendable. The mandatory use of discussion boards, Skype meetings and  opportunities for guidance from Tutors and supervisors have helped in their own ways to mimmick a real classroom and student experience at the University of Edinburgh.
Modestly speaking, from interacting with a few of my friends undertaking similar ODL modes of learning in other schools all over the world, I still think UoE ODL gives students an interesting educational experience and better opportunities for interaction and mentoring from Tutors. Also, the past one ODL session has given me definite sense of accomplishment for the year 2015. Its been quite the challenge but highly rewarding.

Soooo... Rwanda beckons!
Every year my department of study - Global Health Academy (GHA) organizes a summer school in a selected country. Here, students, tutors, lecturers and officials working under the Academy convene from various continents and countries for a Global Health academic experience, learning and networking. My fellow Nigerian ODLer who just completed his second year and therefore attended the 2014 GHA Summer School in his first year has gotten me really expectant for a great experience in Rwanda. I look forward to more learning, exposure and physically meeting my fellow students and tutors. I also look forward to visiting a new country and hopefully immersing myself into Rwandan cultural experiences and historical learning that time would permit.

 Until next time.. Have a wonderful month and enjoy your break.

For my fellow "tropicalists", Enjoy the refreshing rains this season; For the "temperates", Have a great summertime!